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Use Announcely to translate your email, content
and social media marketing into new loyal customers.


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Use Announcely to attract, engage and retain loyal customers

Get More Customers

Announcely’s lead-focussed social media marketing drives business.
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Lifecycle Email

Send the right message to the right person at the right time.
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Increase Loyalty

Build long lasting relations with (potential) custumers.
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Save Time

Save time by automating your marketing efforts.
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How Announcely helps

They Get More Customers In

They Get More Customers In

“Announcely provides a constant flow of new leads, and gives us all the tools to convert those leads to customers.”

His Customers Keep Coming Back

His Customers Keep Coming Back

“With Announcely we can send super relevant emails based on customer behavior and easily enroll customers into loyalty programs”

Her Marketing Conversion Increased

Her Marketing Conversion Increased

“Announcely helps us to translate likes, shares and comments to actual new business.”

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How it works

Also learn how Social Loyalty works

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Start Selling like This!

Helping our customers to be successful

We’re running a lot of Social Media Campaigns for our customers and it’s becoming more important to go further than likes, shares, and comments. Announcely shows us what drives results and that makes it easier to report our marketing efforts to our customers

Announcely turns your marketing efforts into actual business

“They combine social behavior with email and the sales funnel, enabling our business to be super relevant to our customers”

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